Viewing Wildlife

One of the many joys of a Pensacola Bay Cruise is the opportunity to see marine wildlife. Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, several types of rays, four species of endangered sea turtles, and even an occasional manatee have been observed in Pensacola Bay. However, encounters with boats can be dangerous for these creatures. Here are some guidelines we follow to ensure that you have a memorable experience without disturbing widlife.

Viewing Marine Life:

  • Limit viewing time. We may not be the only boat during the day to view the same animals.
  • Don't crowd the animals. Be careful not to trap the animal between yourself, other boats, and the shore.
  • Never chase an animal. Remember that marine mammals may surface in unpredictable locations.
  • Be especially vigilant if you spot a mother and her young. Do not separate them.
  • If the animal exhibits behaviors that indicate stress, leave the area immediately.
  • For stranded marine animals, contact local authorities.